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Elect Woody Washam Mayor

A native of Cornelius, Woody Washam was elected Mayor in November, 2017. Previously he served Cornelius as Town Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem from 2013 until his election as Mayor. Woody is now running for his second term as Mayor.
Pledge Your Support!

3049b4af-116b-40eb-886d-085b8ed5ac82Welcome to my website! Growing up in Cornelius is an experience that remains in your heart for a lifetime. I am ever so hopeful that I can help bring to future generations the same quality of life experiences that I have been so fortunate to enjoy here. I humbly ask for your support and your vote on November 5th!

My mission is to listen to our citizens and respond to their concerns in order to maintain the high quality of life we all enjoy. I will always fight for our town and our citizens so that Cornelius remains the town we all love for decades to come!
  • Keeping Low Taxes
  • Achieving AAA Bond Rating
  • Passing a Land Use Plan
  • Implementing the $20M Bond
  • Listening to the People of Cornelius

Standing Firm Against Toll Roads
Keeping Our Taxes Low
Improving Our Relationships with State Government
Growing the Economy
Addressing Transportation Concerns
Taking Care of Our Police, Fire & EMS
Continuing to Listen to the People of Cornelius